Custom Heli Tiers

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Custom Heli Tiers
allows you to add multiple different tiers of helicopters with different difficulties and loot tables. You can also modify the access level of each tier individually.

By default after calling a helicopter you and your teammates will receive a configurable cooldown. This cannot be abused over leaving the team/clan and rejoining afterward since if the team you are joining is on a cooldown it will automatically be put on you as well.

Console & Chat Commands:
/callheli <tierIdOrName> -- Allows players to call in helicopters
/callheli <tierIdOrName> <playerIdOrName> -- Allows players to call helicopters on other players

  "Call helicopter command": "callheli",
  "Call Heli on others perm": "customhelitiers.callheliothers",
  "Receive no cooldown perm": "customhelitiers.nocooldown",
  "Auto add cooldown onto team/clan members": true,
  "Max amount of helis at once": 5,
  "Disable default heli spawn": true,
  "Reset cooldowns on wipe": true,
  "Heli Rockets Enabled": true,
  "Damage to non caller structures": true,
  "Radius rocket check (related to non caller damage structures)": 10.0,
  "Maximal heli life time (minutes)": 15,
  "Tiers": [
      "Level": 0,
      "Name": "default",
      "Access level": {
        "Everyone access": true,
        "Permissions": [
            "Permission required": "",
            "Permission name (lang)": "VIP"
        "Cooldown until next heli (minutes)": [
            "Group name": "default",
            "Cooldown": 60
      "Bullet Damage": 11.0,
      "Bullet Speed": 350.0,
      "Main Rotor Health": 750.0,
      "Tale Rotor Health": 375.0,
      "Main Health": 10000.0,
      "Debris health": 500.0,
      "Debris time until harvestable (seconds)": 480.0,
      "Time until crates unlockable (seconds)": -1.0,
      "Max Speed": 42.0,
      "Max Crates To Spawn": 4,
      "Min Capacity Crates": 1,
      "Max Capacity Crates": 3,
      "Duplicate Items (box wise)": false,
      "Max Failures on Item Add": 5,
      "Use custom loot table": true,
      "Can use napalm": true,
      "Only team or clan (damage)": true,
      "Only team or clan (loot)": true,
      "Only team or clan (attack)": true,
      "Randomly Spawn": false,
      "Randomly Spawn Min (Minutes)": 120,
      "Randomly Spawn Max (Minutes)": 360,
      "Items": [
          "Item Shortname": "item.shortname",
          "Is Blueprint": false,
          "Allow stacking": true,
          "Chance": 1,
          "Condition": {
            "Minimal Condition": 75,
            "Maximal Condition": 100
          "Amount": {
            "Minimal Amount": 1,
            "Maximal Amount": 3
  "Debug": false

  "Missing args": "You are missing arguments! (tier or tier name)",
  "Missing perm": "You are not allowed to use this command",
  "Missing perm tier": "You need to be <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> for this tier!",
  "Heli called": "You called a heli of tier <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> (Level: {1})!",
  "Heli called onto": "A heli of tier <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> was called onto you by {1}!",
  "You Heli called onto": "You called a heli of tier <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> onto {1}!",
  "No tier found": "A heli of tier <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> wasn't found!",
  "On Cooldown": "You have to wait <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> {1} before you can call another heli!",
  "Available Tiers": "<color=#ff686b>Available</color> heli tiers:\n{0}",
  "Available Tiers List": "- {0} (Level: {1})\n",
  "No Damage ClanTeam": "You cannot damage this heli, not in clan/team of {0}!",
  "No player found": "No player was found with the name: <color=#ff686b>{0}</color>",
  "Too many helis": "Too many helicopters found, not calling!",
  "Heli Announce": "<color=#ff686b>{0}</color> just called a heli of tier <color=#ff686b>{1}</color>!",
  "Heli Announce Console": "A public heli of tier <color=#ff686b>{0}</color> was just spawned!",
  "Locked Crate": "You can't loot this, locked to {0}!",
  "Timestamp double": "You cannot call a heli twice.",
  "Missing perms tier": "You need to be {0} for this tier!"
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