This is a total rework to fix issues with terminals disappearing... and other issues.

Please delete config.. and check out the new config options.
any wheel/terminals placed before you upgraded need to be replaced in order to work correctly.

Added features:
Player can not place terminal to far away from the wheel.

in config you now can set other items to be bet on in config. This will only affect user placed terminals.

The multiplayer can be set per item in the config... so say you can bet a ak.. if you have a multiplayer set then they will receive only that multiplayer on any win. If multiplayer is set to 0 then normal rates apply.
You can now hit the wheel with a hammer to remove it if you have building priv.
Set in config there is a max distance wheels must be apart from eatch other default is 62.0 i recommend not lowering it as then terminals will glitch with other wheels that are to close.

When placing down terminals after a wheel has been placed should be recognized by the wheel now.
Fix for rust update.
Fixed loot containers not getting filled