GPS Tracker
Main features of plugin:
• Add new unique item in game
• Three modes of tracker - players / resources / loot
• Does not add disbalance to the game
• Players will love it

Interface screenshots and demonstration:

Main interface of tracker (when is active)

Custom icon for item:

How does it work:

Main information:

1. When you take custom item (GPS) in your arms (like as weapon) it will auto open interface, that will show information about objects around you (depence on current mode)
2. When you use item it lose condition (setting in configuration)
3. When it will be broken - you will not able to repair it
4. Radius of tracking is 150m
5. You should focus on cardinal points, because objects on "map" will not spin in the wake of your character
6. Update interval is slow (for default, you can set it in configuration), so it is not wallhack

How players can get this item:
1. Through executing command from admin (so you can sell it in your donation store, give as time reward (just set giving command as prize), give manul)
2. Through kits (you can add this items as default in kits)
3. Through adding in default spawn (through special items)
4. Through my CraftMenu (information how to do it here: CLICK )

How players can use this item:
1. If player is playing solo, he can scan players near his base to know, when big group is waiting him around dor
2. Better farming through resource mode (show icons of resources around him)
3. Find sleepers in hidden rooms

Default designations:
Players mode:
• Enemies (players)
• Sleepers (players)
• NPCes
• Friends

Resources mode:

• Trees
Icons - icon of resource

Loot mode:
• Item containers (will add icon in future)

Chat Commands
/gps.admin - give yourselves tracker (should be ownerid to use this command)
Console Commands:
gps <userId> - give to user GPS (you can use it in donate store, or in CraftMenu

Default configuration:
  "Primary color in chat": "#4286f4",
  "Borders color": "#333333FF",
  "Alpha amount": 0.9,
  "Items break speed (0 to make it inveruable)": 4.0,
  "Update entity positions (do not set it < 1)": 5.0
Digital product
License duration
First release
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5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixes

    Fixed the issues with it not working..

Latest reviews

Very cool plugin. I'm receiving warnings though that it will stop working on January 1st 2020 in the server console. Here is the full error message 'GPS v1.2.8' is using deprecated hook 'OnPlayerActiveItemChanged', which will stop working on Wednesday, 01 January 2020. Please ask the author to update to 'OnActiveItemChanged(BasePlayer player, Item oldItem, Item newItem)'