Land Flood
Create a flood and flood the land with storm event also see config.

Set "AlarmSoundTime": 0.0 in the config to disable alarm sound.

Chat/Counsel commands:
floodstart // Starts the flood
floodend // End the flood
startstorm // Starts the storm
endstorm // End the storm

flood.use // Needed to start stop floods

  "Flood Settings": {
    "Permission": "flood.use",
    "RaiseLevel": 20.0,
    "RaiseAmountPerTick": 0.01,
    "RaiseAmountTickSeconds": 0.01,
    "LowerAmountPerTick": 0.01,
    "LowerAmountTickSeconds": 0.01,
    "ContinueFloodOnReload": false,
    "BlockUnderWaterItemsSpawning": true
  "Weather Settings For Flood mode do not set above 1.0": {
    "UseWeather": false,
    "WeatherOverTime": true,
    "Clouds": 1.0,
    "Fog": 1.0,
    "Wind": 1.0,
    "Rain": 1.0
  "Storm mode Settings Starts flood and storm slowly": {
    "AutoEnabled": false,
    "UseMonumentAlarms": false,
    "Chance_Per_Tick_1_To_100": 5,
    "Tick_Seconds": 320.0,
    "StartTime": "00:00",
    "EndTime": "23:59",
    "Do_Not_Flood_Again_Untell_Pass": 7200.0,
    "Flood_End_Time_When_Flooded_Seconds": 180.0,
    "RaiseLevel": 20.0,
    "RaiseAmountPerTick": 0.01,
    "RaiseAmountTickSeconds": 0.01,
    "LowerAmountPerTick": 0.01,
    "LowerAmountTickSeconds": 0.01,
    "AlarmSoundTime": 15.0,
    "UseMessages": true
  "Storm Extras": {
    "GiveItems": false,
    "ItemIds": [
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 12

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Latest updates

  1. Delete config new options.

    It will use ingame time. set time settings when to try and start the floods can set a chance and...
  2. Delete config added giveitem on flood

    I added to the config to give items when water raises i did also notice you can not place the...
  3. Fix for endstorm

    This should fix the endstorm command.

Latest reviews

It works like it says. Just need to update the commands as they are startflood and endflood. Good job!
This plugin is amazing. Great Work!
At first it seems pretty awesome. But then then you realize you can only schedule this to happen at a certain time daily (no randomization). Then you realize that the waters don't recede half the time. Then, you realize that you paid for a plugin that was built in 2 days and got absolutely no updates afterwards.
if you have any suggestion please feel free to post them into the discussion section i am always happy to make improvements.
Amazing. 5 stars!

will change to SIX stars if updated to make it on random timer, random flood height 5-70?
and plz: inventory.giveall innertube + inventory.giveall pistol.water when rain starts lol
Thanks ill work on something when got time also a note the innertube seems to not be allowed to be placed on flooded water only default water height. Must be client side.