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Needs to add support for removing the UI.

Streamers like to hide what server they are playing on and this plugin makes it impossible to disguise that information.

Suggested to make the infopanel toggle-able on and off on a per-player-basis.

/infopanel off

/inforopanel on
Great Plugin, also selling it on my shop to players so they can build their own casino.
My players all said "It looks good. Sexy TBH"
Tricky really nailed it with this one folks. 10/10 would buy again. Promote gambling to all your rust players in the comfort of the outpost.
Glad, you liked it!
A very nice plugin, it adds more pvp events and more players that goes outsidet their base to win those events.. i really like it so does my players to.

only thing is that it doesnt broadcast to chat but with a gui, i already suggested this to the developer and he will update it in the next update :)