Modular Car Lift Garage

PAID Modular Car Lift Garage 1.0.22

Store cars in a virtual garage.. It will store the fuel and water in water tanker. It will not store items in the storage box it will drop them on the ground when storing. So your players can not hide there items. You can set how many of the frame type they are allowed to store in the config.

Permission to use the car garage are carstorage.use

Watch the demo video.

  "UiSettings": {
    "BackGroundURL": "",
    "StoreLimitShort": 1,
    "StoreLimitMedium": 1,
    "StoreLimitLong": 1
  "Vip Permissions": {
    "permissionsViP": [
        "Permission": "",
        "Short": 2,
        "Medium": 2,
        "Long": 2
        "Permission": "carstorage.vip2",
        "Short": 2,
        "Medium": 2,
        "Long": 2
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 9

object ParkTheCar(BasePlayer, BaseModularVehicle , (bool) useLimit ) // the return is bool

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed bug if using old version of ModularCars

    Fixed bug calling hook if had old version of ModularCars when storing.
  2. Fix for tp when storage

    Should dismount all players from back of truck beds and mounts before storing.
  3. Ui Updates

    The ui will now display up to 2 Engine's parts.

Latest reviews

Developer of this plugin helped fix conflicting issues of another plugin to make this work for me.. This is one of the coolest plugins i have ever seen Id rate 10 stars if i could!