Monument Bradley

PAID Monument Bradley 1.0.12

WARNING: Delete your config before updating.......

Spawn Bradly at some monuments.

Current monuments supported are. Airfield, Trainyard, and WaterTreatment.
You can create custom paths for custom monuments.

Permissions needed bradley.admin

/bradley activate // activated the controller tool for creating a path.
/bradley deactivate // deactivated the controller tool for creating a path.
/bradley new <PathName> // activate creating a new path use the USE key to set path points at your location
/bradley edit <PathName> // edit the path to add more paths..
/bradley move <pathName> <PathNumber> // moves the path number to your position..
/bradley delete <pathName> // deletes the path.
/bradley health <pathName> <newHealth> // sets bradley health 1000 is default. 0 to disable..

When you add a path or edit a path it will show the PathNumbers and locations.
once you are done creating a path and deactivated your controller reload the plugin and Bradley should spawn on your path.

  "Can_Kill_NPC": false,
  "Custom Bradley Respawn Time In Minutes": 30,
  "FollowPathBack": false,
  "Monuments Respawn Timer In Minutes": {
    "Airfield": 30,
    "Trainyard": 30,
    "WaterTreatment": 30
  "Monuments To Add Bradley": {
    "Airfield": true,
    "Trainyard": true,
    "WaterTreatment": true
  "Path Button": "USE"

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Latest updates

  1. Npc target fix

    Fix for npc being target if can kill npc set to false.
  2. Follow path back fix

    Follow path back fix
  3. Delete config new health options

    Delete config new health options added

Latest reviews

Awesome plugin with an activate dev
works great. made Bradley run throught 390 waypoints. surprisingly low on server load. 5 stars!