Npc Raid
Fix for grid not displaying correct double letter grids. added config option to remove player builds in raid zone when raid ends.
Fixed grid message to output correct map location if is Double letter . Added ability to remove everything player builds in raid zone when raid timer ends in config.
Backup and delete your data/NpcRaid/Base_Settings.. more options added to change map marker color and transparency..
Can now use the new UI /npcraid config to add in and set up base configs and change values.
Should make adding and changing base config more easy.
Added limit number of times a base can spawn if spawning more then 1 base to baseconfig.
Ch47 now brings in npc if useChute on base config. Added better navmesh handling on chute npc's
Fixed non para npc from taking off.
When upgrading please delete your Lang file and the data/NpcRaid/LootTables

Fixed Npc To Wonder Around the base.