NPC Raid Bases: Base Deposits


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Apr 19, 2020
Hey I know people can just download bases off fortify or just google/youtube search for bases but I (as long as its allowed) would like to make a depost of bases here that server owners could use. To make things easy I would like if we could keep posts similar to keep things easy to follow.

Base Name:
Traps Included:
XX Same Sites
XX Auto Turrets
XX Shotgun Traps
xx Flame Turrets
Is Loot Included: yes/no if yes whats the gather rate on your server? (for balancing reasons)
Anything Additional Needed: Example being that a number of my bases may need Generator Tweaker from UMOD due to power consumption and the use of the Test Generator.

Include pictures of the base (or youtube video) to show what the base looks like and has to offer. Ill be posting a few of mine later today once I get a video of them.
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Jun 23, 2020
I would love to see a page for this as this plugin ois quite complex and getting a good design for my server people to raid is hard to find also cant ever work out the loot how to make it worth while